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New Free Math Texts....BUT...!

In the past, I have provided web-links to copies of old mathematics texts. Often they are the product of digitial restoration projects.

But, free "current" mathematics texts are also available. However, the phrase "Caveat emptor" comes to mind, even though the purchase price is nothing more than a click of a link.

Some options of free math texts to explore are:

  • Alain Schremmer's Free Mathematics Texts; he teaches math at Community College of Philadelphia
  • David Santos' Open Math Texts offers a much wider variety...he also teaches math at Community College of Philadelphia...must be something in the water! (NOTE: Link is temporarily disabled...hope it is restored.)
  • George Cain's Extensive list of Free On-Line Math Texts; he teaches math at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Mark Durbin's Extensive list of Free On-Line Math and Science Texts; he is a cellular biologist at the University of Colorado
  • iBerry's Academic Porthole, whose Open Courseware Directory lists on-line lecture notes, videos, slides, podcasts, exam questions, software, demonstrations, images etc.
  • On-Line Courses provides access to free courses from universities such as Yale, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, et al
I have only browsed some of these offerings, so remember my "caveat emptor." If you find some good, useable things, then great. If not, then life goes on.