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Jing, SnagIt....The New Lingo!

At times, I will review or suggest resources that others have suggested to myself. This is one of those times....

The company TechSmith offers multiple tools that can be useful...for communicating electronically, giving feedback of papers and projects, capturing and sharing websites, etc. Consider the following:

  • Jing focuses on "instant sharing" of pictures, verbal comments, etc. You can first capture any region of a computer screen, add text and oral comments, highlight areas....then share it instantly via Screencast.com, Flickr, Twitter, or Facebook. Jing can place a hyperlink on your clipboard that can be pasted into an e-mail or website. The free version seems to be the place to start, though the upgrade (about $15) also allows you to share webcams and instantly upload to YouTube.
  • SnagIt allows easy screen capture software...possibly for creating interesting educational materials, collaborative projects work, and more. It has a "simple" screen grab tool, complemented by options for image editing such as adding arrows, text, and special effects...that can be inseretd into emails, documents, and presentations...or even uploaded to another website. Price is about $50.
TechSmith has other products as well, not described above. These include Camtasia Studio (converts screen recordings into professional-like videos), Cantasia Relay (record live lectures, presentations and meetings), and Screencast.com (an FREE on-line way to share videos, images, and documents).

I see many positive uses for these TechSmith products, especially Jing and SnagIt. And, I will play with them this summer before I decide whether or not these uses can be realized (by my limited technological skills).