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Direct Your GPS to Find GSP Help

Consider Theorem 3.14: Dynamic geomemetrical software (e.g. Geometer's Sketchpad--GSP) has signficantly impacted how geometry can be taught, learned, and explored.

No proof of Theorem 3.14 is needed, unless you have never tried it.

And to complement your use of GSP, Sketch Exchange is the place to go for help, teaching ideas, mathematical ideas, and mind extensions. Have you visited there?

Supported by Key Curriculum Press, SketchExchange is an online community primarily designed to share GSP activities, but it has developed into a meeting place for sharing GSP tips, questions, and ideas.

SketchExchange offers:

  • Sketches and activities that can be both downloaded and uploaded
  • Options for anyone to post links to their own website or videos
  • Participate in a community forum..or even lurk through its content
  • Streamline your visits by focusing on certain grade levels or topics
So, I suggest you go to SketchExchange to browse through the 19+ pages of links to downloadable sketches and activities, plus survey the suggested tips and on-going conversations. In line with the above theorem, you will find something of value or interest there...Guaranteed!