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Sending Math Notation Via E-Mails

Anyone who has sent mathematics notation via an e-mail probably has experienced problems...if not at the ender's end, then probably at the receiver's end. And, the problem is not consistent (e.g. try sending the Word symbol for pi to yourself (in different fonts?)...does it get through?).

A useful resource is a special page on the website Karl's Calculus Tutor The full web site is a well-known calculus resource operated by Karl Hahn, who I believe is an engineer living in Florida.

Start with his initial "Basic Guidelines," then peruse as needed:

  • Raising Something to a Power
  • Products
  • Square Roots
  • Using Parentheses
  • Absolute Values
  • Derivatives
  • Limits, Summations, and Integrals
  • Quotients and Division
  • Subscripting
  • Inequalities and Relational Symbols
  • Infinity
  • Greek Letters
  • Vector Operators
  • Special Functions
His suggested notation and approach are not standard, but they are a good step forward.

Also, while visiting the linked page, you should spend some time browsing the full Karl's Calculus Tutor website...especially if you teach (or are learning) calculus.