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When an Opportunity Becomes a Resource...

The following announcement was sent out by the American Mathematical Society. Please consider the opportunity...

High school math contest: Chance for your student and department to win up to $5000

The American Mathematical Society is conducting a national contest for high school students, Who Wants to Be a Mathematician, with a top prize of $5000 for the winning student and $5000 for the math department of that student's school. There is no fee to participate.

When/Where: The 2012 contest will take place Friday, January 6, from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The event is part of the Joint Mathematics Meetings, which take place January 4-7, 2012.

Travel: The AMS will reimburse reasonable travel expenses and room and board for each contestant and a parent/guardian for a maximum of two nights. Contestants and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are welcome to attend other events at the meeting.

Qualifying: Contestants are chosen based on their scores on a qualifying test, administered by teachers (or in the case of home-schooled students, by whomever does the teaching at home).

Procedure: Request a qualifying test by emailing the AMS Public Awareness Office, , with the subject line "National math contest." In the body of the message, include your name, school, contact information, and courses taught this year.

NOTE: Deadline for receipt of tests is Wednesday, Oct. 19. The AMS will select 10 contestants from different regions of the US and will notify those qualifiers beginning Friday, Oct. 21.

Contest format: There will be two semifinal games, each with five of the contestants. The winners of the two semifinals will go "head-to-head" in the finals for the national championship. The champion will win $5000 for himself or herself, $5000 for your math department, a traveling trophy for you to display at the school until the 2013 contest, a trophy for the school/department to keep, and an individual trophy for the winner to keep. All contestants will win prizes, cash for themselves, and cash for your department (the minimum cash prize is $500 for the student and $500 for the department).

See more about the contest, contact the AMS directly.

Best wishes,
Mike Breen, AMS Public Awareness Officer/Host of Who Wants to Be a Mathematician

Mailing address:
Mike Breen, c/o AMS, 201 Charles St., Providence, RI 02904