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Gapminder to the Rescue

The suggested website for this week shows Swedish academic Hans Rosling using dynamic statistics to illustrate real-world phenomena and trends. Watch the videos before continuing this review....

In my review of the videos, I remarked that it would be great if we had similar tools to make statistics for students and the public just as interesting and useful. Gapminder to our rescue. It is a non-profit insitution devoted to promoting sustainable global development.

As part of its mission, Gapminder developed "Trendalyzer" software, which is now available for public use on the web under the name Gapminder World. It includes a guide for using the software, changing data banks (498 available), creating dynamic presentations, exploring relationships, etc. In short, it is amazing and FREE for our use.

And now, one can download Gapminder Desktop, which allows you to show animated statistics without internet access. And while on the download page, note that Gapminder also offers free lesson plans, handouts, and interactive presentations (models?).

Be aware that both versions of Gapminder World come with built-in data. You can use both versions freely, but you cannot change the data or add your own.

And as a final note, you might enjoy exploring other videos about the work of Hans Rosling. He is a teacher!