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If Dr. Seuss Did Some Mathematics...

We all "know" the quadratic formula. But, as PL (Vancouver) suggests via this link, it is always possible to see the quadratic formula through new eyes.

The website link is The Quadratic Equation, Dr. Seuss Style :). Be aware that the focus is actually the quadratic formula.

The creator of this "poem" is Katie Benedetto, a "web developer, entrepreneur, and WordPress geek."

As some further background, Katie has two math degrees (BS/MS) from William and Mary...but notes that full credit for her success in mathematics is to be given to "an incredible teacher in high school Guy Mauldin. Great teachers who care make a huge difference."

Also, just in case you do not read the lead-in to the poem, on her first day in an abstract algebra class, Katie's professor offered extra credit to anyone able to write a poem that expresses the quadratic equation. Using some knowledge from the history of mathematics, namely that Italian Niccolo Tartaglia discovered the cubic equation in the 1500s and divulged his approach to Girolamo Cardano in the form of a cryptic poem. This history, coupled with her life-long desire to replace Dr. Seuss, led to this poem.

Thanks P.L....Thanks Katie!