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Brain Games Explored...But Not In My House

Often, mathematical problem solving is equated to "brain games." There is a difference, but obviously the brain is necessary to do mathematical problem solving. And for some, mathematics is an enjoyable, challenging game, while for others it is not.

Starting Sunday evening, October 9, the National Geographic Channel is airing the three-part special Brain Games. Parts 1, 2, 3 occur at 8 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm [et/pt].

To see eleven sample videos (e.g. the Rubber Hand) and read further about each program, consult the National Geographic website. The link includes photos and descriptions of the three parts:

  • Watch This! [NG's Description: Hack into the ultimate supercomputer the human brain as Hollywood filmmakers create mind-bending sensory illusions.]
  • Pay Attention! [NG's Description: When it comes to mastering and manipulating attention, some of the world's leading experts aren't scientists; they're magicians.]
  • Remember This! [NG's Description: Our experts are on a mission to find out where memories reside in the brain and they're examining every millimeter for clues.]
And, as expected, if you visit the National geographic bookstore, you can pick up a copy of either the companion book BrainWorks or the DVD Brain Games.

Unfortunately, my cable coverage does not include the National Geographic Channel. So I will depend on others to tell me what I missed....Alas!