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Geometry in Art....FREE!

Dick Termes, a well-known artist and creator of Termespheres, sent me this link with the suggestion to "send it out if you like." And, I like...and you all probably will too.

It is a book on Geometry in Art by Hilton Andrade de Mello (or Hamello)....that can be downloaded FREE! The book's goal is to “cruise the geometric forms world” in order to familiarize readers with what that even means as an extension of Euclid.

The text Geometry in Art is a gift that needs to be shared. The key content sections are:

  • Abstraction and Geometry
  • Art via Planar Geometric Forms
  • Art via Polyhedrons
  • Art via Other Spatial Figures: Cylinders, Conics, etc.
  • Art via Tesselations
  • Art via Perspective Geometry
  • Art via the Golden Ratio
  • Art and Symmetry
  • Art, Geometry and Symbolism
  • Art and Informatics
In this purposeful "dissemination of art," many artists shared their work for inclusion. The majority of these artists are from Brazil, but the work samples also include art from two friends, Dick Termes and George Hart. The collection of art work is impressive!

Though Hamello has graduate degrees in nuclear enginnering and electrical engineering, his current focus is the Plastic Arts and his paintings. Plus, his personal touch as an geometric artist is evident throughout the book.

My suggestion: Download the book and browse. I expect that you will appreciate listening in as an artist explains the geometric ideas underlying creative art work....plus, learn a great amount.