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Polyhedra Around Your Neck

A student (C.W.) sent me the link to this website, with the words "thought it looked fun!" So, give it a try.

Kate x. operates the website Mini-eco, from her home in Great Britain. In her words, she likes "to make stuff, (for both myself and my two little boys), if I can make stuff from other stuff I happen to have lying around then even better."

The specific page of interest is the creation of a "platonic solids" garland. In Kate's words: "It seems to me that mathematics has never been so cool." She includes a full set of pictures and printable templates to guide the construction. All you have to add is the mathematical discussions prompted by the templates and shapes...where is Euler when we need him?

Another project by Kate is the construction of Paper Gems. Kate writes: "Iím not so good at maths and figuring out angles (my lovely Mum is a retired maths teacher so I should know better!" Nonetheless, she includes full instructions and the necessary templates. Again, you need to include the mathematical discussion...as to the final shapes, angles on templates, etc.

In her blog, Kate writes: "the geometric thing is huge at the moment." Little does she know that it has always been so, at least in my eyes. But, as mentioned above...making geometric things hands-on is a start, BUT we need to include discussions of the mathematics involved as well.