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Step A: Fold Paper in Half:....Goto Step A

Let's start the year off with a video. This particular video was found by L.B., one of my students.

The problem is well known: How many times can you fold a paper in half? About 25 years ago, two mathematicians proved that the limit was 7. But, that number (and proof) has been overcome with some clever folding #1 or clever folding #2.

So, the related problem is to determine the number of folds needed to reach the moon. Some nice modeling with an exponential gets involved, along with some big numbers.

Once the problem has been attacked, watch this video: How Folding Paper Can Get You to the Moon. Having observed the attention of middle school students getting caught by the video as they watched, I can confirm that it is worth sharing.

If you want yet another view, try Mathematics of Folding Paper. Did you catch the error?

Again, as part of the resources and websites for this next year, I am trying to suggest an on-line video(s) each month. Thus, if you have a favorite video (e.g. YouTube, TeacherTube, whatever....), please send the link to me (with your comments?) and I will try to include it and share it with others.