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3-D Hilbert Curves Available...Printed While You Wait

Henry Segerman, as a research fellow at the University of Melbourne, investigates the areas of 3-dimensional topology and hyperbolic geometry. Also, he is a juggler, artist, and word-player.

Recently, he put together a series of videos that explain his 3-dimensional "printed" sculptures involving fractals, topology, and multi-dimensions. If you have no-idea what this process involves, watch the suggested video Amazing 3-D Printer.

On his YouTube Channel, Segerman offers 32+-videos that informally explain the mathematics underlying his exotic sculptures. Browse all of them...even the eleven that extend into other areas, as Segerman certainly is a clever fellow who does a good job at explaining things. (NOTE: A more detailed mathematical explanation for some of the sculptures is available in an Bridges Conference paper he co-authored with Saul Schleimer.

I would start with these videos from the set...

  • Developing Hilbert Curve
  • Developing Dragon Curve
  • Fractal Graph 4
  • Interlocking Möbius Ladders
  • Round Klein Bottle
  • Space Filling Graph 1
  • Archimedean Spire
  • Tesseract and 16-Cell
  • Round Möbius Strip...etc.
And, if you like his scuptures, Segerman offers them for sale. Visit the Shapeways.com website, where you can browse his 50+ products, plus explore how you can sue this website to produce your own "printed" sculptures.

And, if time remains (and there is always tomorrow), browse Segerman's personal website for a creative experience.

Thanks to M.J. (Bellingham) who sent me this link, via M.N. (Norway).