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Pythagorean Theorem: Correct or Not?

A ton of math-related video resources exist on-line. But, though clever, are they accurate? The task this week...are you a good math ed consumer?

First, be sure your thinking caps are on correctly...and turned on. Now, consider the following video that focuses on using a single paper plate to "demonstrate" the Pythagorean Theorem...Is it's mathematics correct? Is it a proof?

As part of his Wholemovement effort, Bradford Hansen-Smith has created the YouTube video Demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem by Folding a Circle. Despite more than 1700 views, the single comment is inane!

Now, with the same amount of skeptical thinking, consider Emma's Use of Starbursts to prove the Pythagorean Theorem. Is it a proof, as Emma claimed?

Finally, have you seen this mis-statement (intentional or no-intentional?) of the Pythagorean Theorem via the Scarecrow. Or, this version via The Simpsons. Note: For a discussion of these wrong statements, see my previous review of a resource.

The end result: What on-line resources can you trust?