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See Live Interviews With Famous Mathematicians

It is one thing to read about famous mathematicians from resource texts. It is yet another thing to hear a famous mathematician interviewed, as he or she tells their story.

The Simons Foundation has organized an on-line series of interviews with some of the greatest names in 20th-century mathematics and science. It is an opportunity to watch and hear these giants discuss their lives, how they got interested in mathematics, their struggles, their joys, their philosophies, and their thinking about the world in general.

The series Science Lives! is available on-line free. Some examples of mathematicians that one can watch:

  • John Nash, who won a Nobel Prize for his contributions to game theory
  • Pierre Deligne, who worked on the famous conjectures posed by André Weil
  • Isadore Singer, who achieved great results interlacing mathematics and physics
  • Cathleen Morawetz, who worked with partial differential equations
  • Michael Atiyah, who discusses beauty in mathematics
  • Friedrich Hirzebruch (pictured), who transformed algebraic geometry by age 30 and greatly influenced the development of mathematics worldwide since WWII
In addition to the video segments, the Science Lives includes biographies, mathematical genealogies, and associated pictures. Additional videos will be posted as they are completed...with the next two greats being Alfred Aho and László Lovász.

Enjoy and share!