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Where's My Standard Normal Distribution Plushie?

What kid of a gift do you give someone who is into mathematics? The standards seem to be a math book, a t-shirt with a clever saying, or possibly pi-earrings. Recently, A.D. (Tunesia) sent me a lead for a new supply of gifts.

On the off-beat website ETSY, NausicaaDistribution hand-makes and markets mathematical gifts, especially with a focus on statistics. You can get unusual mathematical gifts for others, yourself, or even children and babies.

You need to visit the store, but some examples are:

  • Standard Normal Distribution "Plushie," complete with embroidered lines for the mean and regular deviations (shown)
  • P-Value Baby Bodysuit
  • Pi-Day Party Hats
  • Control and Treatment Group T-shirst for children
  • Chi-Square Distribution Plushie
  • Outlier Baby Bodysuit
  • "Evil" Poisson Distribution Plushie
  • P-Hats (very clever!)
  • Log Normal Distribution Plushie
  • 95% Confident T-Shirt
  • Prime-Number Quilt
  • Box-Plot Bookends
The "uber-nerd" ETSY store is run by Nicole, who has a B.A. in Mathematics/Secondary Education and M.A. in Statistics. Her husband Shannon, who also has a a M.A. in Statistics, helps think up ideas and designs...some triggered by their two daughters (i.e. models).

Neat ideas...and I wish them well! Also, I note that they are open to new ideas (i.e. products), so send them your creative alternatives....