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Time to Make Your Own Time-Line

Last week, the focus was on accessible time-lines on-line. Rather than use the existing time-lines, perhaps you want to build your own time-line for your view of the history of mathematics?

Though they vary in quality, scope, and appearance, some on-line options for creating time-lines are (and not in any recommended order):

Last week in my review of online time-lines, I issued this challenge: Someone needs to create a visual type of dynamic timeline that brings the mathematicians and mathematics to life...rather than through a mere listing of events. Also, though in name only, time-lines are linear; that does not mean that the mathematicians' interactions and development of mathematics are linear...could this be incorporated viaually via a branching, inter-woven tree-diagram? Anyone willing to take on this challenge?

By reviewing the above online options for creating time-lines, I believe my challenge can be met. In fact, my mind is spinning with creative options and approaches. But I will leave it to you... If you decide to create a time-line, share it with me for possible mention/distribution via MathNEXUS.