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What is Up? Calculating People, Money, Food, and Debt

Money has value (hopefully). However, over time, the value of money changes (I hear an UGH from retirees!).

So, what are the effects of inflation? To explore these changes in money values over time, many resources are available. And, somehow the notions of populations, food, and debt seem connected as "inflations" as well. So, here are a wealth of resources that may educate, shock, and instill reality:

  • Created by Morgan Friedman, The Inflation Calculator shows how the value of money has changed between any two years, ranging from 1800 - 2012. Its reference base is the Consumer Price Index
  • Roy Davies (Exeter) offers this webpage of links regarding The Current Value of Money. This page has much to explore...invitations to many fascinating explorations (perhaps the weirdest was the selling of wives in England to avoid divorces!)
  • Historic Food Prices is another interesting page of links, providing comparisons of food prices all the way back to the 1600s
  • Want to be depressed without a depression? The U.S. Debt Clock provides a dynamic view of more than you want to know! You can even restrict the data to your particular state, if interested.
  • World Population Clock is exactly what it claims...but, it seems to always be increasing! You might even take samples to measure rates, etc.
Lots of interesting things can be done with these data resources...discussions, comparisons, plotting, and contemplating.