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Tactile + Mental = Good Outcomes!

Math educators are still trying to document the true value of spatial perception to learning mathematics. At the least, spatial perception is valuable...but the question is, how much?

The Freudenthal Institute (Utrecht University in Holland) offers an interesting online resource to push one's spatial perception abilities. Building with Blocks is a fun resource, with challenges at varied levels....but I strongly suggest that learners build blocks physically before, during, and after using the resource. Tactile + Mental = Good Outcomes!

The activities available:

  • General free building with blocks
  • Copy the building
  • Building in the night (I was "in the dark" without the rotation option)
  • Building with height numbers (the least interesting)
  • Making height numbers
  • Rotation game (Fun and useful!)
  • Building with three sides (reminds one of interactive cognitive exams)
  • Extra problems to explore
Again, explorations with this resource's activities will probably improve one's spatial percetions...and thus, have a positive impact on one's mathematical abilities/success. But, remember the previous adgae: Tactile + Mental = Good Outcomes!