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Mathematics Medley, Singapore Style

The Singapore Mathematical Society is the national professional group representing the interests of the mathematical community in Singapore. One of its publications, Mathematical Medley, offers mathematics articles aimed at students and teachers in grades 8-14.

The journal is distributed free as part of the Society membership...but older issues are made available FREE on-line. This is a practice that should be modeled by every professional group, if your goal it to truly impact/improve how mathematics is taught (hint, hint NCTM!).

Focusing primaruily on mathematics content (rather than math ed), consider this sample of articles:

  • Discrete Mathematics in the game of SET (Vol 34#1)
  • Logical Analysis of Ramsey's Theorem (Vol 33#1)
  • Pascal's Triangle and the General Binomial Theorem (Vol 32#1)
  • Discussion on Benford's Law and its Application (Vol 31#2)
  • Number Patterns for Arithmetical Aesthetics (Vol 30#2)
  • The Comparison between the Methods of Solution for Cubic Equations in Shushu Jiuzhang and Risalah fi'l-barahin 'alamasa' il ala-Jabr wa'I-Muqabalah (Vol 30#2)
  • The History of the Chinese Reminder Theorem (Vol 30#1)
  • Squares mod p and the Golden Theorem (Vol 27#2)
  • Linear programming brings marital bliss (Vol 25#2)
  • The homicidal chauffeur and other games(Vol 2#1)
  • The Chinese method of solving polynomial equations of several variables (Vol 10#1)
Each journal (34 currently available on-line) usually includes a problem sets (most seem of the challenging variety!), information about mathematical contests, historical overviews/biographies, and a ton of articles about teaching mathematics in Singapore.

Happy reading...enough is there to fill your summer!