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Raise Your Stock Market IQ

At a math conference, I was befriended by A.L. (Surrey) who also told me about this resource. her students participate in it...and it sounds like an interesting idea.

Designed for middle and high school students, the California Stock Market Simulation tries to promote interest in economics and current events, requiring students to make decisions using economic reasoning, mathematical analysis, and computer literacy.

Each student team invests $100,000 in computer money, then trade stocks and mutual funds over a ten week period. Awards are then given to teams with the largest portfolio values (based on real-world prices).

Two ten-week simulations take place each year, starting the first Monday in October (sorry you missed it) and the last Monday in February (get prepared for this one).

The cost is low: $15 per team of students.

Check out the full website to peruse the other information available: teacher lessons, FAQs, full rules, advice to beginning investors, and stock information.

Note: The California Stock Market Simulation can be used by college teams, adult teams, and even individuals...but only secondary student teams can recieve an award. But, if you are like me, we could perhaps learn from and enjoy the simulation, rather than the usual loss of money in the real world version!