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Origami to the Nth Degree

Several previous reviews of resources focused on the mathematics and geometry of origami:

Now, I add two more good resources to this list, both written with the intent that you will find some paper and fold-away along with the authors.

The books are:

  • Thomas Hull's Project Origami (2nd Edition), which offers a wealth of resources for anyone interested in origami, connecting geometry, algebra, number theory, and combinatorics....based on 30 hands-on explorations with teaching notes, etc. NOTE: Hull was the author of one of the previous recommended orgami texts, but this one is not a repeat.
  • Eric Gjerde's Origami Tesselations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs, which offers detailed instructions for creating 25 of his favorite tesselations, plus crease patterns, how-to photos, and historical asides.
Given these two texts, plus the previous suggested resources, how can one avoid getting excited about both the fun and knowledge hidden within each origami project.