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Information Is Beautiful

People who browse this website send in great website links that I enjoy sharing. This week's Resource is a website suggested by G.K. (SVC).

David McCandless, a London-based author and designer, has a "passion...for visualizing information facts, data, ideas, subjects, issues, statistics, questions all with the minimum of words." Key ingredients are the revelation of hidden connections, patterns and stories. Oh, he also hates pie charts!

There are two paths for browsing McCandless' website. One approach is to just dive in and look at a visual summary of his visualizations, infographics and diagrams. By clicking on each diagram, you will see the information (or story) underlying it.

A second path is to systematically browse through the various categories on McCandless' website Information is Beautiful. My favorite, as expected, is "Big Numbers," but be sure to explore the other categories as well. Also, check out his blog, his spreadsheet of all his best data, and the books he has written.

Note: The given figure reveals data on the meaning of colors in different cultures. Once you link on the full diagram on his website, it will take some time and effort to digest what it means.

Data can be offered in many interesting views...it would be nice to see McCandless take one set of data and present it in multiple views. And, let the user decide which view has an agenda (i.e. is lying graphically). Nonetheless, the website is a resource that can prompt many discussions....Thanks G.K.