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Hear the Latest Song About Pi

Irving Kaplansky was a mathematics professor at Harvard and the University of Chicago...plus was Director of Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and President of The American Mathematical Society. Overall, he published over 150 research papers, making major contributions to group theory, ring theory, the theory of operator algebras, and field theory.

But a side claim to fame is the fact that one of his students at Harvard was Tom Lehrer, the composer of many mathematical parodies and classics. In turn, Kaplansky played the piano and also wrote music, including putting the music to a song about pi written by Enid Rieser in 1971.

Now, Kaplansky's daughter. musician Lucy Kaplansky, has recorded a video version of this song. It was just released as of July 14, 2013.

Take a listen to her rendition of A Song About Pi.

If you want to see a on-stage version that includes some interesting commentary about math, Kaplansky, and teaching, check out The Song About Pi.

Did you notice that the melody is based on assigning notes to the first 14 decimal places of pi? Sorry, I did not (can not!) but is supposedly true.

I found it enjoyable... Hope she does others as well...e, Phi, Omega, or any number is special!