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MathArt and Art(ful)Math

Math and Art. Art and Math. Math of Art. Art of Math. Math in Art. Art in Math. Math Art. Any way you look at it, the two words fit well together.

I recently obtained two books on Math and Art that need to be shared. The first is Felipe Cucker's Manifold Mirrors: The Crossing Paths of the Arts and Mathematics (2013). The resource focuses on the mathematical-oriented constraints that guide the creation of art, whether visual, musical or literary. Examples are bach's canons and their use of geometric transformations, projective geometry as a basis of perspective in art, and Islamic use of symmetries in their tiling patterns. Though the book was first intended to be a text for a liberal arts course, I think its real audience are those people who enjoy mathematics and its rich applicationsf.

The second book is Eli Maor and Eugen Jost's Beautiful Geometry (2014). You may be familiar with Maor's name (math historian), but not Jost's name (a Swiss artist). The book, complete with 60+ stunning color plates of art as a satisfying diet, tries to demonstrate how the "search for pattern" is a common process in both art and mathematics. The author's discuss the art by working from the prospective of mathematics, examining infinity, geometrical theorems, fractals, series, numerical patterns, and special ideas such as the number 11 and why 0.999... = 1. Rather than a resasonable diet, it is a feast of neat ideas that tend to catch you off guard, perhaps saying "Why didn't I think of that!" In fact, the book deserves to live for a while on your end table for all those "non-lovers" of math to pick up and explore. (Note: The link above allows you to explore some random chapters of the book.) !

Give both resources a look....and then a deeper read. They provide information that you need to share....