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Summer Mathematics

It is almost summer break. Perhaps you are teaching summer school and are in need of some quality materials...or you are one of those ambitious types who spend their entire summer searching for new resources that complement the math courses you teach.

A good place to turn to is a collection of high school materials put together by OSPI (more specifically, Ron Donovan). The materials are broken into five modules, each containing approximately ten full lessons, warm-ups, multiple choice assessment items, open-ended assessment items, and associated rubrics. The majority of the lessons are hands-on explorations that focus on getting students to experience quality mathematics.

In an opening matrix, the lessons are all keyed to both content and process standards (Washington-state style), as well-as other important learning outcomes. Also, the associated materials include useful items such as the "BIG" Ideas underlying the project, producing Proficient Readers of Technical Text, and teaching suggestions for group work.

The motivating materials are provided in both Word and Pdf format. Thus, you can make multiple adjustments in any of the materials so that they will fit your needs, you preferences, and your students.

The materials were originally designed for use in summer schools with high school students who had not yet passed the state's exit exam (WASL). However, the full set of materials can easily be used during the school year...for enrichment, for reinforcement, or as replacement.

Thanks, Ron...Great Job!