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Opt for an App

The materials on the website featured for this week is an unknown to me, in that I have not tested any of its offered resources. But, I do know the quality associated with the sponsoring organizations. Thus, if you try any of them out, please let me know so I can report the results.

MathLanding.org offers a collection of technology-based apps as virtual tools for teachers to use in theie classrooms. Some options of the virtual tools:

  • Cuisenaire rods
  • Base ten blocks
  • Pattern blocks
  • Interactive hundreds chart
  • Geoboards (coordinate and isometric)
  • Coordinate graphing
  • Creation of various types of graph paper
Though directed at grade K-5 teachers, I would argue that some of the tools would be useful for grade 7-12 mathematics teachers as well.

The Mathlanding website is connected to a project of Maryland Public Television partnering with The Math Forum at Drexel University and the International Society for Technology in Education. Thus, please browse the many other options--Professional and Classroom-based--most of them connected to the implementation of the Common Core Standards.