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Pi-Based Connect-the-Arc

First, divide a large circle into ten equal arcs. Starting at the top and proceeding clockwise, label the arcs 0, 1, 2, 3, ...,9. Color each of the ten arcs using a different color.

Now, consider the sequence of digits of pi: 3.14159... and draw interior arcs connecting the labeled arcs in the order of pi's digit sequence? For example, connect arc 3 to arc 1, connect arc 1 to arc 4, etc. Also, the color of each new arc should be the same as its starting arc (i.e. the new interior arc connecting arc 3 to arc 1 would be colored the same as arc 3 on the circle).

For example...

What will be the result if you continued this process using the first 10,000 digits of pi?

This artwork has been created by Canadian scientist Christian Ilies Vasile, and expanded upon by Martin Kryzwinski. Their artwork is created using the data visualization software Circos. The result is a beautiful and colorful visual representation of the mathematical constant π (pi). You can purchase copies of this "Flow of Pi" in the form of canvas, acrylic, or metal...see Cristian Vasile's artwork web site.

And for more about this creative process and its extensions, see the Website Review for this week.