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TED Talk to Share, Discuss...

Many TED talks are interesting, often connecting you with a person or idea that you have not experienced before. Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with them.

The following TED Talk should be shared and viewed with students (and colleagues, friends, spouses, pets, etc.). The three speakers (Justin Lanier, Paul Salomon, and Anna Weitman) are all classroom teachers.

When using the video with students (or even colleagues), include follow-up time for discussion, as it raises many ideas about mathematics, the doing of mathematics, the learning of mathematics, and the "being" of a mathematician.

Also, this recommended TED talk serves as an introduction or overview to the recommended website for this week. Please explore its wealth of ideas as well.

If you know of other similar TED talks that should be shared, please let me know so I can try to pass them on as well....