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Origami---Live and Folding Well in Bellevue!

Many people have helped me on this website by alerting me to interesting things--websites, books, resources, and even events. D.B. (a teaching colleague) is to be thanked for sending me info on this week's resource...Thanks!

Opening this week, the Bellevue Art Museum is sponsoring the exhibition Folding Paper: The Infinite Possibilities of Origami. It runs through September 21, 2014.

According to their advertising blurb: "This groundbreaking exhibition explores the history and evolution of paper folding. Over 140 works by 45 master folders from around the world—from countries as diverse as Japan, the United States, Uruguay, and Russia—showcase the power of origami and its modern-day application in the fields of mathematics, engineering, design, and the global peace movement. In the artists' hands, paper becomes a medium for endless creativity. Designed to be an immersive exploration, the exhibition includes videos, photographs, books, as well as interactive opportunities inviting visitors to create their own interpretations."

Sounds fascinating....plus some special events:

  • June 6 (2014): Attend the screening of the video Between the Folds, including a discussion with its creator, Vanessa Gould. She will discuss the making of the video and what it was like interacting with the origami artists Note: MathNEXUS reviewed the video Between the Folds on January 9, 2011...it is a powerful video!
  • June 7, July 12, August 2, September 13: Four special "Festival Folding with Paper" Saturdays, conducted by origami artists from Puget Area Paperfolding Enthusiasts Roundtable (PAPER). You will learn different origami folding techniques and models...even create your own models to either leave as part of the display or take home. Though open to all, there is a reasonable $2 materials fee per participant.
In sending me information about the origami exhibit, D.B., who specializes in the mathematics underlying origami, noted that the "exhibit will feature works from Rober Lang, a physicist and one of the leaders in origami, and Tom Hull, the designer of the torus I made and also the five intersecting tetrahedra model, along with many other origami artists. I am very excited about the exhibit."

Thanks, D.B. ...I am excited as well. And, I encourage everyone to plan a summer trip to visit this exhibition. That is, it has just become your summer assignment!