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Take a Byte of Math Bytes

Last week, I discovered an interesting text, that would make a good read over the summer. Hint...hint!

The book is Tim Chartier's Math Bytes: Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing (2014). It's goal is to show how math and computing relate to "our" real world.

The text overflows with interesting ideas...letting the reader form their own connections (if such exist):

  • Using M&Mís and the sine curve to estimate a value of pi
  • Using matrices to find celebrity images that approximate oneís own face
  • Determining equations that maximally launch Angry Birds
  • Using M&Mís to paint portraits
  • Using pictures of Beyonce to create Sierpinskiís triangle
  • Exploring the mathematics underlying Google Page Ranks and viral tweeting
  • Making polar transformations of Marilyn Monroeís image
Lot's of diagrams, lots of unusual ideas, and even tastes of the supportive mathematics. Again, a good summer read...for mathematics teachers AND students of mathematics (sometimes those Venn groups overlap).

Note: This is the same Tim Chartier who was referenced in a previous MathNEXUS note about March Madness. He teaches mathematics at Davidson College.