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Pythagorean Theorem via ITunes

Kyle Pearce, a Secondary Mathematics teacher from Belle River, Ontario, Canada, has worked extensively with iPads in mathematics class. He has even been designated Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Authorized Trainer, being part of professional development efforts in both mathematics and technology across North America.

Recently, he announced his publication of his first interactive iBook on iTunes. Called Learn Pythagorean Theorem Through Exploration, the iBook is FREE to use under a creative commons license and scaffolds students from a 3 Act Math Task all the way to using Pythagorean Theorem to solve the problem.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Taco Cart [A Three-Act Math Task from Dan Meyer with a Twist]
  • Chapter 2: Characteristics of Triangles, with a nudge towards right triangles
  • Chapter 3: Pythagorean Theorem (Visualizations and development of a formula)
  • Chapter 4: Purposeful Practice
While you are investigating the download and use of this new resource, you might also explore some of Kyle's other posts...a lot of information is being made available.