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Mathagogy...Can You Say That Twice?

Looking for ways to connect mathematics and pedagogy? A connection that you can even live and breathe?

Peps McCrea, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Brighton (UK), has created a webite Mathagogy aimed at this connection. He is so bold to claim his website is: "rooted in the premise that developing a deeper understanding of learning math(s) will make you a more effective teacher." I tend to agree!

The recent offering is a series of videos organized around nine themes connected to "Mathematics + Pedagogy":

  • change and justice
  • resilience and understanding
  • video and ability
  • critique and inquiry
  • computers and thinking
  • creativity and beauty
  • practice and memory
  • grit and mindset
  • visualization and gaming
Though most of the videos are TED Talks that you might have seen, each is now paired with a related article or essay. A sample list of the speakers: Sir Ken Robinson, Dan Meyer, Sal Khan, and Michael Pershan. And a sample list of article authors: Jo Boaler, Paul Lockhart, Daniel Willingham, and James Gee. Finally viewing the video and reading the article, you are given a "reflection" task.

Other resources available on the website are online portfolio space (a venture that still seems to be finding its identity and purpose), some additional "Think-Pieces" to read, and some additional videos aimed at the teaching of specific content in mathematics.

Give the website a visit and even give it try...you never know, Math and Pedagogy may be combined in new and powerful ways in your subsequent teaching.