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A New On-Line Journal....!

Many on-line journals have been reviewed on MAthNEXUS...and another has come to my attention. It has some interesting content for a varied audience, so you might check it out to see if it addresses your interests.

Edited by the much-respected Paul Ernest at Exeter University, Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal is available free on-line. Do not be put off by the term "Philosophy," as the journal also includes some practical articles for the interested reader.

The focus of this issue is "Mathematics and Gender," but includes other articles as well. The article that piqued my interest orifinally were the ones by Earnst, Goodwin et al, and de Freitas/Sinclair. The Table of Contents:

  • M. Walshaw & R. Openshaw"s "Constructing the Female Mathematics Teacher: A New Zealand Historical Case Study."
  • K. With & Y. Solomon's "Choosing Mathematics in Norway and England: Discourses of Gender, Equity and Choice."
  • L. Sumpter's "Four Female Mathematicians' Collective Narrative: Reasons to Leave Academia Walter Whiteley Differential Interest of Women among areas of Mathematics and Statistics."
  • J. Hall's "Unpacking 'Gender Issues' Research."
  • Various Authors' "Dialogue on 2+2=5, The Philosophy of Mathematics and Mathematics Education."
  • E. de Freitas & N. Sinclair's "The Politics of the Mathematic Aesthetic: Curricular Con(Sens)Us and Acts of Dissensus."
  • N. Chesky's "Policy and Praxis: An Ontological Study of U.S. Mathematics Education Discourses."
  • P. Ernest's "Certainty in Mathematics: Is There a Problem?"
  • M. Briggs' "The 'Right Baggage' For Mathematics?"
  • A. Nkhwalume's "A Social Constructivist Perspective of Learning Mathematics in the African Context."
  • L. Luo's "Recursion in the Mathematics Curriculum."
  • D. Goodwin et al's "Exploring the Relationship Between Teachers' Images of Mathematics and their Mathematics History Knowledge."
  • B. Luitel's "Culture, Worldview and Transformative Philosophy of Mathematics Education in Nepal: A Cultural-Philosophical Inquiry."
Give the articles and journal a read....good stuff!