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Yesterday Was Special...Know Why?

Yesterday was a special day...December 13, 2014...or, in numerical terms: 12/13/14. Is this rare? And I note, that only admitted math folk will even enjoy such a coincidence, rare or common!

To our rescue comes Neil J. A. Sloane, a visiting scientist at Rutgers University and founder of the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, or OEIS. He even goes further and poses the question; "So what other types of sequences can we look forward to celebrating this century?"

His fascinating responses are reported in Victoria Jaggard's article in the December (2014) issue of The Simthsonian. Her article is entitled: After 12/13/14, What Are the Next Fun Dates for Math Lovers?.

Along the way, one ends up in discussions of primes, Mersenne primes, Fibonacci Numbers, the Recamán's Sequence, and the Look-and-Say Sequence.

Share the article and ideas with students, colleagues, and friends....in an off-handed way, some math will be taught and discussed.

Note: Thanks to M.J. (Bellingham) for being the first to point me towards this article.