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Infinity on the Radio

Last week it was an old movie. And now it is an archived radio program. I know, radio is old technology. But, there is something nice about listening to a radio broadcast, where you have to imagine things based on what you hear (or don't hear).

This week's resource is a radio-based presentation on "Infinity" by Larry Massett, Soundprint host. The opening to the show is great....any math teacher would enjoy it with a smile. As the show develops, Massett examines infinity as a scientific concept, starting with a historical perspective of the Pythagoreans...and then moving up through Cantor's work with the transfinite numbers to modern conceptions (or perhaps it is misconceptions). After suggesting that todays scientists "contend that infinity is a process, not an entity," he closes (oddly) with a teaching episode involving peasant multiplication.

Note: If you like listening to radio programs, be aware that this show is part of a whole package of shows on many things--history, literature, art, politics, social issues, and science. Thamks to the Internet Multicasting Serice, you need to go to either Soundprint or Internet Talk Radio...Enjoy!

As follow-up...or as support for your listening, I suggest some articles from the Christian Science Monitor as well:

Why do I have this feeling that it is spring and I am cleaning out my closets? The problem is that there are so many good resources to share, I never know where to start...so I grab one and go with it. That is why this section of the website has become "Resource of the Week" rather than the planned "Resource of the Month."