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The Gift of M.C. Escher

I know...this is a grant-funded site (i.e. not for profit). But, the holiday season is approaching and you might be looking for some gifts for that special someone. So, let me suggest that you consider giving a math-oriented gift.

For gift possibilities, visit The World of Escher, which probably is the foremost internet vendor in M.C. Escher products. It is all here: 25 different T-shirts, 55 different posters, 16 different puzzles, 27 different silk ties, 11 books on Escher's work, 4 different types of calendars, 3 mousepads, 12 refrigerator/filing cabinet magnets, some software, an Escher videos, Escher playing cards, and Escher greeting cards.

And while you are there, consider visiting three of the site's sub-pages. These are of interest to math teachers, but tend to get overlooked because most people visiting this site are looking for products to purchase, not learn more about M.C. Escher and his work. The suggested pages are:

  • The World of Escher Forum, which includes some interesting discussions such as tie-in's with Roger Penrose's work, general aspects of tesselations, Escher-work sightings, tesselation quilts, and classroom-related ideas.
  • The World of Escher Reader Center, which provides some interesting articles and discussions related to M.C. Escher's work. Some examples are conjectures on what Escher would say about the great popularity of of his work, a collection of Escher quotes, an overview of Escher's life, and an introduction to Sir Roger Penrose and his tilings.
  • The World of Escher Art Contest, which is an on-going series of contests involving Escher-like artwork. The acceptable media are watercolor, color pencils, pen & ink, and computer-generated. while there you might browse through past contest entries and the "Hall of Fame."
Finally, the operators of The World of Escher web site also offer a FREE e-newsletter (which can be read on-line). It includes information about Escher exhibitions around the world, short articles, new artworks in the web site's gallery, up-to-date announcements about Tessellation Contests, new Escher-related products, Q & A about Escher, etc.