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White Board Math Tools...Necessary?

This may seem like an unnecessary review, as you may all know about these tools. But, admitting my ignorance once again, I just discovered these tools this past summer (on ebay)....and decided to share them...even if I cannot justify buying them myself.

The shift from blackboard to whiteboard gradually is being made...and please note this is not about "interactive" white boards. Our university has made the move...and I remain unsure as to which is the better evil...chalk dust all over my pants or magic marker ink all over my hands.

Nonetheless, I want to mention the availability of math-specific tools for use on a whiteboard:

  • Whiteboard compass
  • Whiteboard meter ruler
  • Whiteboard magnetic protractor
  • Whiteboard t-square
  • Whiteboard triangle sets (45-45-90), (30-60-90)
  • Whiteboard magnetic "hold-its"...for holding up papers for display
  • Whiteboard magnetic fraction/decimal/per cent kit
  • Whiteboard magnetic tangrams
You can see descriptions, sizes, and costs of these white board math tools at several web sites, such as NASCO Mathematics, Norwood Tutors Educational Products, or A+ Compass.

Remember these are just special "white board" tools. I have experienced few problems using my "blackboard" tools on a white board. And, the overhead can still be used to project grids and such onto the white board when a graph is needed.