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Grid Links Re-Visited

This month's resource can prove to be a great aide to mathematics teachers. Often, we are in need of a paper with a particular grid pattern on it...perhaps for a graph, a recording sheet for an experiment, or an investigation of visual patterns. And unfortunately, if you are like me, the file folder of my black-line grid masters is no where to be found!

Incompetech (courtesy of Kevin MacLeod) to the rescue. This web site offers a plethora (had to work that term in sometime) of grid patterns: lined, plain graph paper, graph paper with multiple widths, hexagonal, isometric, trapezoid, dot patterns, Celtic knot...plus links to logarithmic, polar, and probability grids. Check this site out at Graph Paper Masters.

If this web site does not satisfy your needs or you need more technical grids such as log-log, you might try these web sites:

Note: The above content actually is a repeat of content from October of 2005. It is being repeated because teachers often ask me for on-line grid paper resources, and they unfortunately have not discovered the wealth of ideas lurking in the Archives section of this web site.