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Giving You a Puzzle Nuzzle

The web site Puzzles.com is "about Tricky and Clever Puzzles, Baffling and Perplexing Illusions, Unbelievable and Incredible Tricks, Fascinating and Cognitive Toys, and many-many other Puzzle related things, and everything around all these Great, Funny, Entertaining, Intellectual, and Educational Things." Have I got your attention?

The web site is broken into six sections:

  • Puzzles Playground offers variety of puzzles--old and new--that you can play on your own...plus it includes a few illusions and magic tricks
  • Puzzles Links reviews and provides links to other quality puzzle sites on the Internet...being constantly updated
  • Puzzles in Education is designed for teachers, home-schooling parents, and kids who enjoy puzzle challenges themselves...trying to both provide information about puzzling in education and learn from anyone doing interesting things with puzzles in the classroom
  • Puzzles Help is like a puzzle-user blog, complete with questions, messages, suggestions, wishes etc.
  • Puzzles Club provides information on puzzle meetings, conferences, competitions, etc.
  • Puzzles Projects is a "base" for multiple puzzle projects (mostly interactive), such as Assisted & Associated, Drop Quotes, Hall of Fame, Logic Problems, Millennium Puzzles, Mini-Contests, Packs & Collections, PocketPLAY and Products
Be forewarned....you and your students will find a lot to play around with on this web site...and much of it will contribute to mathematical learning (at the least, the puzzles will create a positive attitude for exploring recreational mathematics). Enjoy!