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History of Mathematics: Blue Ribbon Site!

Ask anyone as to the best web site for finding information about the history of mathematics, and the usual recommendation is The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive. It has almost anything you want to know, then multiply that by a very large number!

Consider these categories of information:

  • Biographies, arranged chronologically or alphabetically
  • Birthplace maps
  • Overviews of historical topics
  • Historical timelines
  • Mathematicians of the day
  • Famous Curves
  • Calendar and Quotations for the Year
  • Mathematical Societies, Medals, Prizes and other Honours
  • Plus a search mechanism
I access this web site almost daily, to support my teaching of mathematics courses, to use as a "required" text for my mathematics history course, to provide responses to e-mail inquiries, to support this web site, or to learn some new things (when I have time to browse).

I have no idea how "they" ever put this site together, and keep improving it. It must have been (and is) a huge task...and I am ever grateful!

Note: This review was first done in 2007, and needed to be re-seen and re-used.