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RubiStar-- I Wonder....RubiStar-- I Might....

In my review of the web site 4Teachers.org, the option of RubiStar is mentioned. This on-line tool helps teachers generate assessment rubrics, something that most teachers know the value of yet realize the work it takes to create a good rubric.

In short, RubiStar guides teachers in the creation of rubrics as assessment tool based on stated criteria. Most rubrics specify performance levels in terms of levels of quality (e.g. numerical scores or subjective ratings), which can then be combined to produce final score or grade. One great quality of a good rubric is that it not only helps a teacher make a fair assessment but also helps students develop and evaluate their own work using the same rubric prior to its submission.

The RubiStar web site provides teachers with sample rubrics, but again few in the area of mathematics. Also, teachers can generate their own rubric and have the option of registering and storing it on-line for future use or revision (versus printing it out and losing it once off-line). Finally, RubiStar offers "access" to Waypoint, which is special software for "efficiently evaluating and responding to student work using rubrics you can import from RubiStar." Note: I have not tried this feature, as it costs a yearly fee!

My advice, to all of you mathematics teachers buried amidst your assessments and lesson-planning...go to RubiStar and give it a try. I think you will be impressed, as it can both guide your thinking and save you time.

As a final note, if you find this rubric-generating site useful, please let me know. Or, if you know of other web sites with the same purpose, please let me know of them as well for a future review.