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Are You Ready to Prepare for a Math Contest?

Numerous mathematics contests for secondary students are held yearly...ready for your students' participation. But, you need to help students prepare for contests, as practice and special knowledge do help. And luckily, a great number of resources exist...if you can find them (i.e. some of the good ones are out of print). My favorites are the following list (and web sites for specific mathematics contests):

General Information for Getting Started (or Serious)

  • David Johnson & James Margenau's Mathematics Contests: A Handbook for Mathematics Educators (NCTM, 1982)
  • Michael Ecker's Getting Started in problem Solving and Math Contests (1987)
  • MathCounts School Handbook (new version produced sporadically)
  • Richard Rusczyk & Sandor Lehoczky's The Art of Problem Solving: Volumes 1 and 2 with solutions (2004)
  • Art of Problem Solving web site
  • MathPro Press web site
Problem sets from the American Mathematics Competitions (AHSME/AMC)
  • The Contest Problem Book (MAA, 1961)
  • The MAA Problem Book II (MAA, 1966)
  • The Contest Problem Book III (MAA, 1973)
  • The Contest Problem Book IV (MAA, 1983)
  • The Contest Problem Book V (MAA, 1997)
  • The Contest Problem Book VI (MAA, 2000)
  • The Contest Problem Book VII (MAA, 2006)
Problems from Other Mathematics Contests
  • NYSML-ARML Contests: 1983-1988 (NCTM, 1989)
  • NYSML-ARML Contests: 1989-1994 (MathPro Press, 1989)
  • A Friendly Mathematics Competition (MAA, 2003)
  • G. Polya and J. Kilpatrick's The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book (Teachers College Press, 1974)
  • The New York City Contest Problem Book (Dale Seymour, 1986)
  • D. Barry and Rchard Lux's The Phillips Academy Prize Examinations (Dale Seyomour Publications, 1984)
  • Gerald Alexanderson et al's The Santa Clara Silver Anniversary Contest Book (Dale Seymour Publications, 1985)
  • Mary Dowlen et al's College of Charleston Mathematics Contest Book (Dale Seyomour Publications, 1987)
  • Saint Mary's College Mathematics Contest Problems for Junior and Senior High School (Creative Publications, 1972)
  • S. Vandervelde's The First Five Years (Mandelbrot Competition) (Greater Testing Concepts, 2004)
  • S. Vandervelde's The Mandelbrot Problem Book (Greater Testing Concepts, 2002)
  • S. Conrad and D. Fiegler's The First 7th and 8th Grade Math League Problem Book (Math League Press, 1986)
Some Problems from International Mathematics Contests
  • G. Szekely's Contests in Higher Mathematics (Springer, 1996)
  • D. Shklarsky et al's The USSR Olympiad Problem Book (Dover, 1993)
  • D. Fomin and A. Kirichenko's Leningrad Mathematical Olympiads: 1987-1991 (MathPro Press, 1994
  • C. Bradley's Challenges in Geometry (Oxford University Press, 2005)
  • M. Shifman's You Failed Your Math Test, Comrade Einstein (World Scientific, 2005)
Sample of Sample Questions and Tests...Again, this is a sample...you can find a ton more on the Internet Oops!....I apologize as I have not listed your favorite resource. Send the title (etc.) to me and I will add it to the list.

Finally, I should admit that I no longer "coach" mathematics contest teams, though I do help out as a scorer at local contests. Nonetheless, I constantly refer to these resources as part of my regular teaching as they provide great "challenge" problems.