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The Meaning Of Amblygon Is On The Tip Of My Tongue.....

Ever want to know what a math word means...its etymology...or its uses and special interpretations? Then Pat Ballew's website is for you. It is called Math Words, and Some Other Words, of Interest.

The primitive navigation approach is relatively easy using initial letters, so you will need to know at least the first letter of your word of interest. Often, after clicking on a key word, you may still have to read a considerable amount of text to find the word and its usage. Unfortunately, no search mechanism is available, making your search limited to a key word....with no access to words within the "dictionary" itself.

To get you started, try to decide the meaning of the following unusual words in a mathematical context...then check using the site:

  • Amblygon
  • The Bride's Chair
  • Cossists
  • Devil's Curve
  • Forest
  • Idiot
  • Jerk
  • Johnson's Theorem
  • Lissajous' Figures and Bowditch Curves
  • Napoleon's Theoem
  • Peace Curve
  • Rule of Three
  • Solidus
  • Witch of Agnesi
  • Zipf's Law
As you use this web site, keep one question always in the back of your mind: Is this information accurate?

Note: This resource review is a repeat from the Archive section. It is repeated because Ballew's website is a good resource and perhaps this serves as a tempting reason for you to explore all of the Archives sections.