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A Math Thought A Day Keeps....

Some claim that mathematics is all around us...or is it that we surround mathematics? A good way to check out the veracity of this statement is to engage students in exploring mathematics each and every day. Theoni Pappus has provided two "engaging" resources that can help you make these connections.

First, Pappas' Mathematics Calendar for 2008 offers many things:

  • Each month offers an interesting overview of some aspect of mathematics, such as the elusive regular 17-gon, mathematical quilts, and connecting math and music
  • Each day poses a mathematics problem, whose solution is that date, using mathematics skills ranging from arithmetic to calculus
The calendar is colorful, attractive, useful...and well-tested (as this is the 29th version!). It's cost is only $10.95.

To complement her yearly calendars, Pappas has written Math-A-Day (1999), which she describes as "a compendium of mathematical information that will give you your math fix everyday." It includes a daily puzzle or problem, a daily quote, and a daily tidbit on mathematics or its history (see the sample page below). Again, the cost is very reasonable at $12.95.

Theoni Pappas has written many other mathematics books as well, which you can access through the above links. I have used her resources many times throughout my teaching career....and I have even used her Greek Cookbook!