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Clawing Way to Record

Lee Redmond decided to stop clipping and filing her fingernails in 1979. Now, 28 years later, Lee holds the Guiness Book of World Record for the longest fingernails--a whopping 33 inches long.

To confirm the record, she had to fly from her home in Salt Lake City to London...but did not know what to do with her nails during the plane trip...so they gave her a special first class seat.

The hardest part of her day is putting on a heavy coat, followed closely by going to the grocery store and opening doors.

When asked if her nails get in her way, Lee says: No, they get in everybody else's way but mine. I'm used to them being in my way." That statement includes some interesting logic!

Question: What is the growth rate of her nails per year? How long should they be in the year 2020?

Note 1: On seeing her picture, one observer said: "How does she pick her nose?"

Note 2: If you can handle it, Lee and her fingernails appear in a video. Do you really want to watch it?