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One Billion and Counting...or Is It Searching

In late 2005, the one-billionth new user went online to search and use the Internet. Now, I am not sure how they measure such things, but it seems interesting. In fact, the "experts" even claim that the one billionth user will be a 24-year old woman from Shanghai.

According to Morgan Stanley data regarding Internet users, 36% are now in Asia, 24% are in Europe, and only 23% are in North America. I find that very surprising.

It took 36 years for the Internet to get its first billion users. Again, the experts predict that the second billionth user will probably sign on in 2015....and the third billionth user in 2040.

Your Task: Investigate what type of model and assumptions are being used to generate these predicted values. Linear...Exponential...or?

Source: http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2005/12/20/one-billion-web-users-need-better-websites