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Stop...There's a Yard Sale

It's spring time...which means yard sales are springing up everywhere in your neighborhood. But if you want to really experience yard sales, consider one of the following:
  • World's Longest Yard Sale (shown above) is 630-miles long, stretching along Highway 127 from Defiance (OH) to Gadsen (AL). Thousands of yard sales and flea markets spring up along this route in early August (August 7-10 in 2008).
  • Second Place goes to the US 80 Hi-Way Sale, which is 400-miles long stretching from Mesquite (TX) to Jackson (MS). Again, vendor sales occur during the end of October.
  • Third place goes to Bargains Galore on 64, which is only 160-miles long stretching from Fort Smith (AR) to Beebee (AR). Its vendors set up during the second week of August.
Question: You decide to visit all three of these yard sales this summer, each of which occurs over a three day period. Suppose a vendor is set up every tenth of a mile on one side of the road and every twelfth of a mile on the other side of the road....how many vendors would you visit at the each of these yard sales? And, over a three day period, assuming they are open for ten hours each day, how long could you spend time-wise at each yard sale, in order to peruse (let alone buy) the fantastic wares being displayed?