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What...No Onions?

About a year ago, I reviewed the Charity Burger, a world record-sized hamburger. That record has now been broken...in part.

Recently, Fatís Grill and Bar, Stockton (CA), created its own version of a a gigantic cheeseburger. It weighs 222 pound, is covered by 480 slices of cheese, 40 pounds of tomatoes, and 19 heads of lettuce. According to the resturant, this is now the record for the biggest cheeseburger in California...and perhaps the world.

If your stomach can take it, watch this video of the cheeseburger being made. Sorry, no video of it being eaten... but it was given away for free!

Question #1: Based on the price of a McDonald's Quarterpounder, what should be the price of this mammoth cheeseburger?

Question #2: Based on the composition of this mammoth cheeseburger, what should be the components of a McDonald's Quarterpounder?