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A Waste of Good Chocolate?

Remember: The average American eats just over 12 pounds of chocolate each year.

Now consider these world records:

  • The Nestle company claims it has created the world's largest chocolate bar weighing 2.67 tons, being 3,020 cm long and 1,060 cm wide. This picture shows the bar being exhbited in Singapore on July 4, 2006.

  • But, the Guinness World Records Organization claims the largest chocolate bar in the world was made by Elah Dufour - Novi in Alessandria, Liguria, Italy on 11 September 2007. It weighed 7,892.5 lb.
  • Finally, to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Hershey Kisses Brand on July 7, 2007, the Hershey Company created the World's Largest Hershey's Kiss. The giant chocolate kiss weighed 30,540 pounds and took 152 people nine days to construct it.
Question: First calculate the average consumption of chocolate by Americans (per day and per hour), then determine how long it would take for all Americans (if united) to eat all of this chocolate?