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Attention All Chickens....

To both raise its international profile and draw attention to number one export (beef), Uruguay successfully attempted on April 13 to beat the Guinness World Record for the world's largest barbecue.

In Montevideo’s Prado, 1200-plus asaderos (i.e. barbeque masters), in white hats and aprons, grilled 26,400 pounds of meat on a parilla (i.e. barbecue) stretching 5,000 feet in a radial design.

The parilla involved 1,500 metal barbecue stands and used 6 tons of charcoal. Montevideo firefighters lit all the grills and kept the flames in hand.

The event sold out; 15,000 people bought tickets (60 pesos for adults, or $3, and 30 pesos for children) which entitled them to attend and eat their share of meat...plus an additional 4,000 children from local schools participated at no cost.

Question 1: Assuming that 70% of the ticket buyers were adults, how much meat did each person get to eat at this barbecue?

Question 2: How many steers were barbecued as part of this event?